SITO Mobile, Ltd. (NASDAQ:SITO) Sees Price Increase – Up by 10.05%


SITO Mobile, Ltd. is now up by 10.05% since yesterday’s close of 5.52 making it one of today’s top gainers. More than 548,137 shares have been traded.

The stock last traded at $6.08 quite a bit above the 50 day moving average which is $4.33 and significantly higher than the 200 day moving average of $3.70. The 50 day moving average moved up $1.75 and the 200 day average moved up $2.38.

Short traders are feeling a little more bearish on shares of SITO Mobile, Ltd. if you evaluate the change in short interest. The company had a rise in short interest of 2.04% between August 15, 2017 and August 31, 2017. Short interest grew 23,715 over that period. Days to cover decreased from 10.0 to 7.0 and the percentage of shorted shares was 0.06% on August 31.

A few notable investment firms have updated their holdings. Ubs Group Ag downsized its position by selling 2,101 shares a decrease of 76.4%. Ubs Group Ag controls 648 shares valued at $2,000. The value of the position overall is down by 71.4%. As of the end of the quarter National Asset Management, Inc. had acquired a total of 365,000 shares growing its holdings by 270.4%. The value of the company’s investment in SITO Mobile, Ltd. increased from $347,000 to $1,855,000 a change of 434.6% quarter to quarter.

As of quarter end Perritt Capital Management Inc had bought 58,200 shares growing its position 29.1%. The value of the investment in SITO went from $514,000 to $958,000 increasing 86.4% since the last quarter. Plante Moran Financial Advisors, LLC reduced its investment by shedding 10,000 shares a decrease of 50.0% in the quarter. Plante Moran Financial Advisors, LLC now controls 10,000 shares with a value of $37,000. The total value of its holdings decreased 27.5%.

In the last earnings report the EPS was $-0.38 and is estimated to be $-0.37 for the current year with 21,906,000 shares presently outstanding. Analysts expect next quarter’s EPS will be $-0.02 and the next full year EPS is anticipated to be $-0.10.

SITO Mobile, Ltd., launched on May 31, 2000, operates a mobile location-based advertising platform serving businesses, advertisers and brands. Through its platform, the Business’s solutions allow marketers to create content targeted to audiences, based on location, interests, behaviors and loyalty. The Business’s offerings include SITO Location-Based Advertising and SITO Mobile Messaging. SITO Location-Based Advertising delivers display advertisements and videos (rich media) on behalf of advertisers, including various features, such as Geo-fencing, Verified walk-in, Behavioral Targeting, and Analytics and Optimization. Geo-fencing targets customers within a certain radius of location and uses technology to push coupons, advertisements and promotions to mobile applications. Verified Walk-in tracks foot-traffic to locations and which advertisements drive action..