PennyMac Mortgage Investment Tr (NYSE:PMT) Short Interest Up by 26.58% – Currently Trading Up


Investors are more bearish on shares of the company of late at least if you consider the uptick in short interest. The company saw a rise in short interest of 26.58% between August 15, 2017 and August 31, 2017. Short interest increased 246,022 over that period. The days to cover increased to 4.0 and the percentage of shorted shares was 0.02% on August 31.

Here are a few substantial investment firms who have updated their positions. Baird Financial Group, Inc. trimmed its investment by shedding 1,046 shares a decrease of 4.7% in the quarter. Baird Financial Group, Inc. now controls 21,047 shares worth $385,000. The total value of its holdings decreased 1.8%. As of the end of the quarter Ubs Group Ag had sold a total of 280 shares trimming its holdings by 2.1%. The value in dollars increased from $240,000 to $242,000 a change of $2,000 for the reporting period.

As of quarter end Pacad Investment Ltd. had disposed of 9,700 shares trimming its position 45.1%. The value of the investment in PennyMac Mortgage Investment Tr went from $382,000 to $216,000 a change of 43.5% since the last quarter. As of quarter end Janney Capital Management LLC had disposed of a total of 13,757 shares trimming its stake by 2.0%. The value of the investment in PMT went from $12,332,000 to $12,455,000 increasing 1.0% quarter to quarter.

The company is up by 0.29%% since yesterday’s close of 16.97. The company declared a dividend paid on Thursday the 27th of July 2017. The dividend payment was $0.470 per share for the quarter which is $1.88 annualized. This dividend amount was represent a yield of $11.08. The ex-dividend date was Tuesday the 11th of July 2017.

Shares of the company are trading at $17.02 which is just under $17.20, the 50 day moving average and which is a tad under the 200 day moving average of $17.54. The 50 day moving average was down by -1.03% and the 200 day average went down by -2.95%.

The P/E ratio is currently 10.17 and market cap is 1.14B. In the latest earnings report the EPS was $1.67 and is projected to be $1.64 for the current year with 66,842,000 shares now outstanding. Analysts expect next quarter’s EPS will be $0.40 and the next full year EPS is projected to be $1.66.

PennyMac Mortgage Investment Trust (PMT), launched on May 18, 2009, is a specialty finance company that invests primarily in residential mortgage loans and mortgage-related assets. The Company conducts all of its operations, and makes all of its investments, through PennyMac Operating Partnership, L.P. (its Operating Partnership) and its subsidiaries. The Company operates through two segments: correspondent production and investment activities. The Business’s investment activities segment represents the Business’s investments in mortgage-related assets, which include distressed mortgage loans, real estate acquired in settlement of loans (REO), mortgage-backed securities (MBS), mortgage servicing rights (MSRs) and excess servicing spread (ESS). The Company seeks to maximize the value of its acquired distressed mortgage loans through loan modification programs, special servicing or other initiatives focused on keeping borrowers in their homes. Where this is not possible, such as in the case of many nonperforming mortgage loans, the Company seeks to effect property resolution in a manner, including through the use of resolution alternatives to foreclosure. The correspondent production segment represents the Business’s operations aimed at serving as an intermediary between mortgage lenders and the capital markets by purchasing, pooling and reselling newly originated prime credit quality mortgage loans either directly or in the form of MBS, using the services of PNMAC Capital Management (the Manager or PCM) and PennyMac Loan Services, LLC (PLS or the Servicer), both indirect subsidiaries of PennyMac Financial Services, Inc. (PFSI or PennyMac)..