Amyris, Inc. (NASDAQ:AMRS) Signals Intraday Volatility – Up $0.24


Amyris, Inc. (NASDAQ:AMRS) is at $3.67 seeing a daily low of $3.41 and a high of $3.70. The swing distinguishes the stock as one of the day’s most volatile.

It is one of the market’s biggest gainers today. Company shares are trading at $3.67 which is quite a bit above the 50 day moving average of $2.84 and which is significantly lower than the 200 day moving average of $4.78. The 50 day moving average was up by +29.43% whereas the 200 day moving average was down $-1.11 or -23.28%.

Short Interest

Traders are feeling more bearish on the company as shown by the motion in short interest. The firm recorded a rise in short interest of 20.37% as of the latest report on August 31, 2017. Short interest increased from 2,517,021 to 3,029,684 over that period. Days to cover increased from 5.0 to 9.0 and the percentage of shorted shares was 0.13% on August 31. As of the last earnings report the EPS was $-6.02 and is estimated to be $-3.32 for the current year with 37,606,000 shares presently outstanding. Analysts expect next quarter’s EPS to be $-0.16 with next year’s EPS anticipated to be $-1.84.

Company Information

Amyris, Inc., launched on April 15, 2010, is an integrated industrial biotechnology company. The Company is involved in research and development and sales of fuels and farnesene-derived products. The Company is applying its industrial synthetic biology platform to engineer, manufacture and sell products into a range of consumer and industrial markets, including cosmetics, flavors and fragrances (F&F), solvents and cleaners, polymers, lubricants, healthcare products and fuels. The Company intends to apply its technology to the development of pharmaceutical products. The Company focuses on a renewable hydrocarbon molecule called farnesene (Biofene), which forms the basis for a range of products, including emollients, flavors and fragrance oils and diesel fuel. The Business’s subsidiaries are Amyris Brasil Ltda. and Amyris Fuels, LLC..